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Gothic Nail Care by nubar


nubar goes Goth. Gothic pampered nails have been spotted on the runways and on celebrities, in fact, gothic nails have been in fashion forever. Goths are seeking a certain look such as very long and/or sharp nails – especially on men and dark nail polish or macabre nail designs.  nubar Cosmetic Products  has everything you need to complete the ultimate Goth look.  nubar suggests  four to-die-for colors.  Silver Mist, Satiny Silver, Noir and Cloud White.  Experiment with layers of colors. Silvers look great over black. Add depth to some shades, especially metallic colors, by alternating coats with clear polish. If you have long nails, try painting the underside of the nail (the part you see when looking at your palm) with a contrasting color. For example, black nails with silver on the underside would make for a great effect on the dance floor. Experiment with Goth patterns such as white skulls on a black base. A French Manicure with these Goth colors would be HOT!!!!  

For more information visit: http://www.bynubar.com


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